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Hello and welcome to the Aurora Desktop Environment homepage. This is a simple web site intended to provide an overview to the project. Please use the links at the top of the page to navigate the site. The related sourceforge project site is available here.

The Aurora Project is an attempt to create a new generation of Linux distributions. It will try to break free from old patterns and establish Linux as a serious world player. =)

Currently, Aurora Project consists of the Aurora Desktop Environment which, unlike most other Linux-based desktop environments, don't attempts to accomplish everything but to remove the focus from system configuration and desktop customizing by creating an easy-to-use out-of-the-box intuitive and beutiful desktop experience.

The UI is (for now) somewhat Microsoft Windows-inspired. I am satisfied with the general layout of the panel and start menu, currently I am busy designing the core functionality of the desktop with the panel as my number one priority. Also there is the session manager, the desktop manager and the shared library.

This project is hosted at Sourceforge, which is an excellent service for open software developers like myself. Several links on the top of this page are pointed to it's correspnding sourceforge-pages. Feel free to use the forum as much as you want.

Future Goals
Aurora will be a vital part of a brand new Linux distribution. Good looks and easy handling are the main goals. Cutting edge features such as the init-ng, HAL and d-bus will combine speed with hardware compability.

A never-before seen installation application will really ease the installation process by giving the user the options to install different identities, such as Server, Developer Platform or Office Workstation instead of thousands of packages.

It will include (planned features) a multimedia center with features such as music and video playback and CD and DVD-burning along with communications features such as the Mozilla Internet Suite and the Gaim Instant Messenger, and the Office Suite.